Dark Upper Lips: Darkness visible on the lips? Darkness will be removed from these things in the kitchen

Black Upper Lip:


Black Upper Lip




The blackness present on the lips can spoil the beauty of the face, so do some easy home remedies to remove this skin pigmentation.


Black Upper Lip Home Remedies:


You must have heard about the darkening of the lips many times and there are many beauty products in the market for this, but have you ever noticed that some people have dark spots on the lips, ie just below the nose? Yes, sometimes this also happens when you do not clean that area properly. However, there can be other reasons for this pigmentation as well. For example, some women use wax or bleach to remove and hide the unwanted hair on the lips. If this product does not suit the skin, then dark spots occur in such a situation. However, there is no need to panic at all. This darkness can be removed with the help of some home remedies.


How to remove the darkness above the lips


1. Turmeric


Turmeric is a spice that is found in almost every Indian household. It is full of medicinal properties, its healing power is very beneficial for the skin. After mixing turmeric with milk or curd, apply it on the dark skin and wash it later.


2. Milk


Milk is considered to be a rich source of alpha hydroxy which is very effective in removing the blackness over the lips. You can apply milk directly on the affected skin. If you want better results, then mix oatmeal powder or rose water and sandalwood powder in it.


3. Yogurt


Curd is often used for skin care, it contains alpha hydroxy like milk which helps in removing pigmentation. To remove upper lip darkness, prepare a paste by mixing curd and rose water and then apply it on the affected area and leave it for some time. Finally wash it off with clean water.


4. Honey


Honey is considered a friend of the skin, through this black spots can be removed. , First of all, mix half a teaspoon of organic honey and a teaspoon of rose water in a small pot in a small pot. Apply this paste on the dark area and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes and finally wash it off with clean water.


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