Heart Health: By taking care of diet, you can keep heart health fit, know what to eat and what not?

Heart Health:


Keeping heart health fit is one of the biggest challenges of the present times. The way the cases of heart diseases have registered a rapid jump in the last few years, especially after the COVID-19, is certainly alarming. Health experts say that everyone needs to be careful about the way the risk of serious heart diseases is increasing rapidly in young people. We all should start adopting those measures immediately so that this most important part of the body can be kept healthy by reducing the risk factors of heart diseases. World Heart Day is celebrated

Every year on 29 September with the aim of raising awareness about the increasing risk of heart diseases and measures to be safe from it.

In a conversation , Cardiologist Dr Arif Khan says, to reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack, we all first need to make special improvements in our diet. The cases of this disease are increasing rapidly due to the selection of wrong diet. To keep the heart healthy, let us know what to eat and what should be avoided?

Pay special attention to the diet

Cardiologists say, how much do you eat is more important than the question, what do you eat? There are many such things in our diet knowingly or unknowingly which can increase the risk of heart diseases. The increasing consumption of processed, junk-fast food is currently the biggest threat to it. In addition, certain foods have been found to increase blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol levels and inflammation, all of which are risk factors for heart disease. Consuming these types of things can increase your risk of serious health problems.

Know what to eat to prevent heart diseases

Whether you are suffering from heart diseases or want to prevent it, both the quality of diet and the right choice play a special role. Consuming certain things can be helpful in controlling your blood pressure and keeping the heart healthy.
Fruits and Vegetables: Make a habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Make at least two fruits a part of the diet in a day.
Keep the amount of calories, fat and sodium in the diet low. These can harm heart health.
Avoid consuming canned things. Make fiber, protein things a part of the diet.
Make sure to include nuts in the daily diet, especially nuts like peanuts and walnuts are considered beneficial for the heart.

What are the things to avoid to stay away from heart diseases?

Keeping heart health in mind, take special care that knowing what not to eat is more important than what to eat in diet selection? Consumption of certain things can increase the risk of heart related problems.
Avoid foods with high fat and high sodium. These can be very harmful to the heart.
Cut down on junk food, potato chips, cookies, and ice cream.
The habit of consuming alcohol and smoking can also cause problems for the heart, avoid it.
Things with trans fat can cause problems for the heart, so avoid them.

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