Lipoma Treatment: Do you have lumps of fat in your body too, then know home remedies to get rid of them


Lipoma Treatment:

Many people have a thick lump of fat on their body, which usually does not cause pain and does not cause any kind of problem. But it definitely spoils the beauty of the body. Know the symptoms, causes and treatment of lipoma here.

Lipoma Treatment: There are lumps in some parts of the body, which do not cause pain. Although they can be painful when pressed, they usually do not cause pain. These lumps feel like a rubber ball under the skin, which can be easily shaken or slightly moved. These knots do not look good, apart from this they do not cause any problem. Such lumps are called Lipoma in English. Such lumps usually occur on the hands and feet.

Lipoma is a lump under the skin, which looks like a blister outside the skin. Lump of lipoma is not a symptom or cause of any health problem . However, this does not cause any problem. Still, if you have a problem, then it is also possible to treat it. In this article, know why lumps are formed in the body, how much you are prone to lipoma, what are its symptoms and how to get rid of lipoma lumps.

What is Lipoma?

Lumps of lipoma usually occur only in the hands and feet. However, it can also occur in any other part of the body and it is soft and tender to touch. They do not feel pain. It grows under the skin in an egg-like shape. The lumps of lipoma are made of fat . In many people, lipoma lumps also occur on the back, shoulders and neck. Actually these are soft tissue tumors, which grow slowly. However, you should rest assured because 99% of lipomas do not cause cancer. Not only this, in many cases the treatment of lipoma is also not required. If you want to remove the lump of lipoma, then there are treatments and surgery available for it. They can be removed through surgery.

Not everyone is at risk of lipoma. According to a report, one in 1000 people may get lipoma. Cases of lipomas are more visible between the ages of 40-60. However, lipoma lumps can occur at any age. In many people, lipoma lumps can be present from birth. Lumps of lipoma occur in both women and men, but women are more prone to lipoma lumps.

Symptoms of Lipoma – Symptoms of Lipoma in Hindi

Lipoma is not a serious disease, which shows many types of symptoms. Lipoma lumps are usually not painful. People who have lipomas usually do not show any symptoms. The good thing is that like a tumor, lipoma does not spread to the surrounding tissues. As a symptom, some people may have pain and other problems in the lipoma lump present in the body. The size of the lipoma lump is 2 inches or smaller. However, sometimes the lump of lipoma can be larger than 6 inches.

Causes of Lipoma

There is not enough evidence yet about what causes lipoma. The reason behind this can also be genetic. Decrease is a rare disorder. Due to which the risk of developing painful lipomas can increase. Gardner syndrome, genetic multiple lipomatosis and Madelung’s disease can also cause lipomas.

Home Remedies for Lipoma – Lipoma Home Remedies

Turmeric has many medicinal properties. A chemical called curcumin present in it can prove to be helpful in dealing with the problem of lipoma. For this, you can make a paste of turmeric and apply it on the lipoma. Lipoma can also be relieved by the use of a herb called sage. Sage is known to reduce fat. Applying sage extract on the lipoma helps in dissolving the lipoma. Thuda occidentalis can also be an effective medicine in lipoma. Thuja extract can be mixed with water and applied on the lipoma lump.

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