Swelling in Legs: Swelling in legs makes walking difficult? Do these 3 ways oil massage

Remedies For Swelling in Legs:

If there is swelling in the feet, it is very painful, but if you mix some things in mustard oil, then you will get relief from the problem.



Oils For Swelling in Legs:

When the nerves start getting stretched due to injury, or sudden twisting in the feet, it is common for the feet to swell due to this. After swelling, there is so much pain that even walking becomes difficult. Many times this problem can be got rid of by tying a hot bandage, but doing so can also cause burning.

Mustard Oil for Swelling of Feet Swelling of feet can be cured by taking medicine, but if you are allergic to medicine then you can adopt home remedies. Mustard oil massage has been described as an effective remedy in such problems. Let us know what are those 3 ways with the help of which swelling of the feet can be removed.

1. Mix mustard oil and turmeric

by adding turmeric to mustard oil and then massage it on the swollen areas. Since turmeric has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it has a good effect on pain.

2. Mustard Oil and Clove

To remove swelling of the feet, put some cloves of cloves with mustard oil and heat it on low flame. Now massage the affected area with the help of this oil. This not only removes swelling, but also improves blood circulation.

3. Mustard Oil and Ginger:

If you heat mustard oil and ginger in a vessel, then massage it in the swollen areas. This will get rid of the troubles. If you want, you can also eat raw ginger with massage.


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