World Osteoporosis Day 2022: These signs are visible when the bones are weak, negligence can be heavy

World Osteoporosis Day




Due to the problem of osteoporosis, bones start becoming very weak and break easily with mild stress. Osteoporosis often leads to fractures in the hips, wrists and spine. Bones are living tissue that keeps on breaking and forming. Osteoporosis occurs when old bones are not able to form new bones after breaking down.

Due to the carelessness taken by people in today’s busy lifestyle and food, the bones gradually start weakening. Strong bones are very important for a healthy body. One of the main reasons for the weakening of bones is the lack of calcium. In today’s time, young people also have to face the problem of bones. When the bones are weak, one has to face pain in the joints and muscles and sometimes the sound of creaking starts coming from the joints.

Today we are going to tell you about some such signs by which you will know that your bones have started weakening.

Weak gums-

Weakness of bones leads to problems in gums. The jaw bone maintains a grip on the teeth and after an age, it becomes weak like other bones. Due to the breaking of the jaw bone, the teeth start coming out from the gum or may even separate. Teeth can also be damaged due to weak jaws.

Weakness of the grip-

Several studies have found a relationship between the grip of the hands and the bone density of the wrists, spine and hips. In a recent study on postmenopausal women, the strength of the hand grip was considered the most important physical test to know the density of bones throughout the body.

Weak and cracking nails-

If your nails break frequently then it may be that there is a lack of calcium and collagen in your body. Both these nutrients are considered very important for strong bones. Weak nails can be seen as an early sign that your body and bones are in great need of these vital nutrients.

Cramps, muscle and bone pain –

Certain vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and potassium, are essential for bone health. Due to their deficiency, there can be cramps in the body, pain in muscles and bones. If there is a constant deficiency of these vitamins and minerals in the body, then it can lead to bone loss in the future.

Leaning of the body-

Due to the fracture of bones, the body starts bending forward. This can be an early symptom of weak bones. If your spine bends without heavy weight or if the muscles around the spine start to weaken due to poor sitting, then it is possible that your bones have started to weaken.

Decrease in fitness-

If your fitness is declining then it may be that your bone mass (density of bones) is decreasing. Studies have shown that weight-loss exercises reduce bone loss and build stronger bones through calcium and bone-forming cells.

Rapid heartbeat –

The average heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, but experts say that having a pulse rate of more than 80 beats per minute increases the risk of hip, pelvis and spine fractures. Heart rate tells your fitness level.


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